Send Us Your Venue’s Floor Plan

The most accurate data for us to build your maps is an architectural diagram of your venue. You can provide maps in PDF format. Most CAD software will export to PDF format. Give us your most recent floor plan and latest list of stores and locations. That’s all you have to do. Then sit back and relax. Give us 2-4 weeks to build your map depending on the size and complexity of your venue. Don’t worry. We have built maps for thousands of venues and have experience with almost any type of venue. You are in good hands.

Tell Us Your Desired Platform

Our maps can be displayed on many platforms:
  • Mobile phones – iphones and Android phones
  • Tablets – ipads and Android tablet devices
  • Embedded mobile frameworks within other mobile apps
  • React native mobile apps that are compatible on both iPhones and Android
  • Kiosk touch screens for large displays
  • Web sites and embeded web pages on multiple broswers – Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox.

We Build, Publish, and Host Your Maps

We take great care to build our maps to be exactly accurate based on GPS coordinates. Why? Because exact location positioning is the foundation of many of our features and services. For example, our precise turn-by-turn, wayfinding directions are based on accurate positions of store locations and walking paths. We have a standard set of design color schemes and map graphic objects. Our designers can also design maps in styles, colors, logos that you prefer for compatibility with your brand.

We Deliver You Maps on Your Platform

We deliver maps in both online and offline media. We host online maps for you. Online maps can be updated at anytime with same day turn-around time. Oflline maps are something desired for offline devices like kiosk touch screens. We also provide consulting and development services to help you integrate maps into your platforms. We are well versed on mobile and web applications for iOS, Android, Windows devices.