• GPS ACCURATE POSITIONING: The foundation of our maps begin with accurate GPS locations of every map elements. Our points of interests (POIs) and facilities (restrooms, elevators, etc.) are precisely accurate geographic locations. We take great care to ensure this geographical accuracy because it is the foundation upon many of our features are built upon.
  • FACILITIES: Our maps are extremely detailed to include all building landmarks and facilities such as restrooms, elevators, escalators, entrances, exits, ATM machines, information desks, security offices, smoking rooms, prayer rooms, etc. Why do we do this? Because these facilities are critical elements that a visitor need to inhabit inside a venue.
  • SEARCH ENGINE: Search is the key function that saves users time. Our search engine can be based on keywords (H&M, Starbucks) or categories (coffee, shoes). Our search auto-complete and auto-filter results list to help users find what they want faster. Our search results are venue-based and return results that are relevant to the user’s location.
  • INTERACTIVE MAP: Our maps are fully-interactive. Users can zoom, rotate, pan maps. Each points of interest can be selected to view more detailed info.


  • FAST SEARCH BY NAME, CATEGORY: Users can quickly find the point-of-interest via searching name (Starbucks), keywords (restrooms), or categories (coffee),
  • TURN-BY-TURN WALKING DIRECTIONS: Our maps show users how to walk turn-by-turn from the origination to destination.
  • MULTI-FLOORS: Our turn-by-turn guidance seamlessly navigates originations and destinations located on different floors of a venue.
  • MULTI-BUILDINGS: Our turn-by-turn guidance even handles routings between two building such as two terminals at an airport.  This is also helpful for campus environments like universities and medical centers.
  • YOU ARE HERE: User’s current “you are here” location is shown as a blue dot on the map and updated as the user moves. Location accuracy is dependent on availability of GPS, Wifi, and beacons.  InMapz platform seamlessly integrate these location technologies


  • STORE DIRECTORY: Malls have store directories to help visitors find stores.  InMapz maps have directory of all tenants within a venue.
  • FAST SEARCH: Users can quickly find a store using our search engine integrated within InMapz maps.
  • FAST LOCATE:  Each store search result has quick link to locate the location of that store on the map.
  • GET INFO: Each store search result also has quick link to get more info about that store, such as open hours, phone number, website address.


InMapz maps supplement brick-and-mortar owners by providing them a page of their own in our indoor maps.  Each store owner or merchant in a venue can have their own page in the venue’s map.  Imagine like a web store front, only that it is integrated to the venue’s indoor map. This mobile store front can display store front images, store info, opening hours, contact phone number, contact info and even promotional ads.


Conventional online and mobile ads are scheduled based on start date/time to end date/time. InMapz platform takes mobile ads one level higher by enable you to schedule your ads based on venues. Each venue can schedule their own ads. In addition, if your venue is equipped with location beacons, then InMapz can also alert users when they are nearby to a store that has a promotion that matches their interests. Push ads are of course only by permissions of users.


  • DRIVE MORE TRAFFIC: One of the challenges for a brick-and-mortar merchant is how to get interested shoppers to come to the store.  Imagine that you have a popup kiosk in a corner of a mall.  How would shoppers who do not walk nearby find you? In most malls or large trade shows, unless a visitor passes next to a store or booth then it is difficult for them to find that store.  InMapz maps help visitors find stores via features like search, location-based ads, turn-by-turn path navigation.
  • INTEGRATE ONLINE WITH OFFLINE: Using InMapz maps on mobile and web, store merchants can synchronize advertising campaigns between online and offline.  For example, a merchant can run Black Friday sales campaign by placing ads in-store, on web store front, and on InMapz web and mobile maps.  All channels will then show one consistent messaging.


Social Media is a critical component in a business’s marketing presence.  Social media presence increases SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking in search results.   InMapz platform helps a merchant’s social media marketing by providing features to encourage followers to POST, LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE stores’ locations and promotional ads.   InMapz integrates with all major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,LinkedIn, Whatsapp,, Messenger, Viber, Wechat.


Most reward programs are based on purchases. Why not also reward your visitors when they spend time in your venue? If visitors like to spend time then they also invite friends and families and increase the foot traffic in your venue. And more foot traffic leads to more sales and revenues for your venue. InMapz provides features for visitors to check-in and earn reward points.